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Split Apple Applique

 Split Apple Applique
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Two cute split apple appliques in two sizes. Add a name or text with your own fonts or choose one of Mimiís Sewing Studioís fonts that are specifically made for our split designs. A detailed color chart and a "How To Do Applique" tutorial are included to ensure you get the best results. Two sizes are included for the 5x7 and 6x10 hoops.

Split Design Fonts available here.


†† 01: 4.91x4.86 " (124.7x123.4 mm)...5664 stitches
†† 02: 5.45x6.63 " (138.4x168.3 mm)...7270 stitches
†† 03: 4.90x4.91 " (124.5x124.6 mm)...6704 stitches
†† 04: 5.45x6.63 " (138.4x168.4 mm)...8426 stitches

Clipart: sanqunettidesign

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Price: $10.00