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Vintage Bibs Set A

Vintage Bibs Set A
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BBased on a vintage pattern, this project set has both an applique and outline duckie, bunny and kitty for both boys and girls and words for the crumb catcher pockets. Also included are two printable bib patterns (with both square and round corners),a detailed PDF picture tutorial to make the bib as well as a "How To Do Applique" tutorial.

Sewing is required for construction.

Finished bib size: 12" L x 9" W

15 designs

5x7 hoop

Formats included: DST, HUS, JEF, PES and VIP

Also available separately: Duck Bunny Kitty

App_BoyDuck: 5.10x5.39 " (129.6x136.9 mm)...9080 stitches
App_GirlDuck: 5.01x5.31 " (127.3x134.9 mm)...9439 stitches
Outline_BoyDuck: 5.10x5.39 " (129.6x136.9 mm)...8799 stitches
Outline_GirlDuck: 5.10x5.22 " (129.5x132.7 mm)...9002 stitches
Spinach_Duck: 1.18x5.71 " (29.9x145.1 mm)...5016 stitches

Applique_boybunny: 4.75x5.76 " (120.7x146.4 mm)...11769 stitches
Applique_girlbunny: 4.75x5.76 " (120.7x146.4 mm)...12484 stitches
Carrots: 1.18x5.71 " (29.9x145.0 mm)...5006 stitches
Outline_boybunny: 4.75x5.76 " (120.7x146.4 mm)...10582 stitches
Outline_girlbunny: 4.75x5.76 " (120.7x146.4 mm)...11297 stitches

Applique_boykitty: 4.77x6.27 " (121.1x159.3 mm)...12725 stitches
Applique_girlkitty: 4.77x6.27 " (121.1x159.3 mm)...13452 stitches
Milk: 1.15x3.98 " (29.3x101.1 mm)...3617 stitches
Outline_boykitty: 4.77x6.30 " (121.1x159.9 mm)...12606 stitches
Outline_girlkitty: 4.77x6.30 " (121.1x159.9 mm)...13336 stitches

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Price: $15.00