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Back 2 School

Back 2 School
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Fall used to be “Back 2 School” time; but year-round classes have changed that! Whenever your kiddos start their new year, here is a great set for them.Ten designs with four in two sizes for a total of fourteen designs. One design (ABC with worm) fits the 5×7 hoop with a smaller size to fit the 4×4.

4x4 hoop

Formats included: HUS, JEF, PES


  1: 2.09x2.54 " (53.0x64.5 mm)...4865 stitches
  1b: 1.72x2.06 " (43.6x52.4 mm)...3564 stitches
  2: 3.75x2.20 " (95.3x55.8 mm)...13766 stitches
  3: 2.46x3.54 " (62.5x90.0 mm)...5591 stitches
  3b: 1.75x2.51 " (44.5x63.7 mm)...3403 stitches
  4: 1.81x3.92 " (45.9x99.5 mm)...7880 stitches
  5: 3.91x3.27 " (99.2x83.1 mm)...9406 stitches
  5b: 2.52x2.13 " (64.0x54.0 mm)...5178 stitches
  6: 5.00x3.91 " (127.0x99.4 mm)...18844 stitches
  6b: 3.91x3.06 " (99.2x77.6 mm)...13444 stitches
  7: 3.82x3.63 " (97.0x92.2 mm)...9837 stitches
  8: 3.64x3.81 " (92.4x96.8 mm)...12723 stitches
  9: 3.40x3.44 " (86.4x87.5 mm)...8896 stitches
  10: 2.07x3.01 " (52.5x76.4 mm)...9191 stitches

Clipart: Diddybag, Babystardesign, JW Illustrations
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Price: $15.00