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Wedding Words

Wedding Words
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Wedding Words - perfect for projects for any bride. Eight designs with four (Love, Groom, Bride, I Do) to fit both the 5x7 and 4x4 hoop (for a total of 12 designs). "Happily Ever After" fits the 6x10 hoop and is split into two files for the 5x7 hoop and into seven files for the 4x4 hoop. A full sized Master Pattern (along with instructions on how to use it) and printable templates for "Happily Ever After" are included to help you align the words perfectly.

5x7 hoop

Formats included: HUS, JEF, PES


áMSS064_01: 8.52x3.69 " (216.4x93.7 mm)...19258 stitches
áMSS064_01_5x7A: 5.76x3.69 " (146.2x93.7 mm)...13622 stitches
áMSS064_01_5x7B: 3.39x3.64 " (86.0x92.4 mm)...5635 stitches
áMSS064_01a: 1.92x0.82 " (48.7x20.8 mm)...1870 stitches
áMSS064_01b: 2.13x0.84 " (54.1x21.3 mm)...1729 stitches
áMSS064_01c: 3.09x0.79 " (78.4x20.1 mm)...2444 stitches
áMSS064_01d: 3.53x1.28 " (89.7x32.5 mm)...4482 stitches
áMSS064_01e: 1.96x1.31 " (49.7x33.3 mm)...2466 stitches
áMSS064_01f: 2.49x1.26 " (63.3x32.0 mm)...3187 stitches
áMSS064_01g: 2.46x0.82 " (62.6x20.8 mm)...3073 stitches
áMSS064_02: 5.37x4.10 " (136.3x104.1 mm)...12180 stitches
áMSS064_02s: 3.90x2.99 " (99.1x75.9 mm)...7095 stitches
áMSS064_03: 6.91x1.95 " (175.4x49.6 mm)...9676 stitches
áMSS064_04: 5.27x3.11 " (133.8x79.1 mm)...11366 stitches
áMSS064_04s: 3.91x2.30 " (99.3x58.4 mm)...7015 stitches
áMSS064_05: 5.85x2.18 " (148.6x55.3 mm)...6807 stitches
áMSS064_06: 5.24x3.12 " (133.1x79.3 mm)...10907 stitches
áMSS064_06s: 3.91x2.33 " (99.2x59.1 mm)...6780 stitches
áMSS064_07: 5.88x1.57 " (149.3x39.8 mm)...8043 stitches
áMSS064_08: 3.91x3.69 " (99.2x93.8 mm)...8125 stitches
áMSS064_08s: 2.76x2.61 " (70.0x66.2 mm)...4581 stitches

Clipart: diddybag

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