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Cute Elephants

Cute Elephants
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These cute designs are perfect for bibs, blankies, clothing and much more. There are 9 designs for the 4x4 hoop. All of the designs (except the balloon and umbrella) come in a smaller size for a total of 16 designs.

9 designs with 7 in two sizes
4x4 hoop

Formats included: HUS, JEF, PES


1: 2.02x3.91 " (51.4x99.3 mm)...3705 stitches
2: 3.81x2.72 " (96.8x69.2 mm)...8411 stitches
3: 3.90x3.91 " (99.0x99.3 mm)...10747 stitches
3s: 2.50x2.51 " (63.5x63.8 mm)...4976 stitches
4: 3.84x3.70 " (97.5x94.1 mm)...8880 stitches
4s: 2.58x2.48 " (65.5x63.1 mm)...4625 stitches
5: 3.78x3.89 " (96.0x98.8 mm)...8571 stitches
5s: 2.51x2.57 " (63.7x65.4 mm)...4220 stitches
6: 3.49x3.91 " (88.7x99.2 mm)...5451 stitches
6s: 2.24x2.50 " (56.9x63.6 mm)...2685 stitches
7: 3.24x3.81 " (82.3x96.8 mm)...9087 stitches
8: 3.78x3.75 " (96.0x95.3 mm)...8118 stitches
8s: 2.51x2.49 " (63.8x63.2 mm)...3928 stitches
9: 3.62x3.78 " (92.0x96.0 mm)...8522 stitches

Clipart: cocoastudiodesigns

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Price: $15.00