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Lovey Dovey

Lovey Dovey
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Twelve (plus two in alternate sizes for a total of 14) cool modern designs for clothing, pillows, quilts and more!

Please note: The background fabric shows through the open spaces.

4x4 Hoop

Formats included: HUS, JEF, PES


1: 3.16x3.83 " (80.3x97.2 mm)...7030 stitches
2: 3.15x3.94 " (80.0x100.2 mm)..6520 stitches
3: 3.92x1.86 " (99.5x47.3 mm)...5132 stitches
4: 3.94x3.47 " (100.1x88.1 mm)...7933 stitches
5: 1.99x1.98 " (50.6x50.2 mm)...3582 stitches
5s: 1.21x1.20 " (30.8x30.4 mm)...1555 stitches
6: 3.91x3.44 " (99.3x87.3 mm)...8099 stitches
7: 3.90x2.13 " (99.1x54.0 mm)...5171 stitches
8: 3.91x3.46 " (99.4x88.0 mm)...7848 stitches
9: 3.90x3.44 " (99.1x87.4 mm)...8115 stitches
10: 2.49x2.49 " (63.2x63.2 mm)...5388 stitches
10s: 1.50x1.49 " (38.2x37.8 mm)...2238 stitches
11: 3.91x3.44 " (99.2x87.5 mm)...7728 stitches
12: 3.86x3.41 " (98.1x86.7 mm)...8080 stitches

Clipart: Cheri Wenger

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Price: $15.00