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Chubby Snowmen

Chubby Snowmen
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10 darling snowmen, in bluework or any color you choose, sew out very quickly. These are digitized with a special outline stitch that looks like hand embroidery.

5x7 hoop

Formats included: HUS, JEF, PES


1: 3.11x6.83 " (79.1x173.6 mm)...4713 stitches
2: 4.02x5.71 " (102.0x145.0 mm)...4830 stitches
3: 3.84x5.97 " (97.5x151.6 mm)...4918 stitches
4: 3.66x5.80 " (93.0x147.3 mm)...4130 stitches
5: 4.60x5.76 " (116.8x146.4 mm)...4851 stitches
6: 3.67x5.86 " (93.3x148.8 mm)...4849 stitches
7: 4.51x5.87 " (114.5x149.1 mm)...3884 stitches
8: 4.56x5.86 " (115.8x148.8 mm)...6008 stitches
9: 3.78x5.80 " (96.0x147.3 mm)...4898 stitches
10: 3.65x5.85 " (92.8x148.6 mm)...4278 stitches

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Price: $10.00