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Autumn Baby

Autumn Baby
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These darling designs are perfect to make burp pads, blankets, bibs, onesies and more for your Autumn Baby! Eight designs in two sizes. Fifteen designs fit the 4x4 hoop; one "Pumpkin" word fits the 5x7.

4x4 hoop

Formats included: HUS, JEF, PES


1: 3.90x1.14 " (99.1x28.9 mm)...5185 stitches
1b: 2.58x0.75 " (65.5x19.1 mm)...2641 stitches
2: 3.71x3.35 " (94.3x85.1 mm)...13153 stitches
2b: 2.51x2.26 " (63.8x57.5 mm)...7089 stitches
3: 3.91x3.45 " (99.2x87.7 mm)...7845 stitches
3b: 2.50x2.22 " (63.6x56.3 mm)...3779 stitches
4: 3.41x3.83 " (86.7x97.3 mm)...10361 stitches
4b: 2.26x2.54 " (57.5x64.6 mm)...5257 stitches
5: 3.91x3.47 " (99.4x88.1 mm)...11286 stitches
5b: 3.01x2.67 " (76.4x67.7 mm)...7713 stitches
6: 5.50x0.93 " (139.8x23.5 mm)...7940 stitches
6b: 3.91x0.65 " (99.2x16.6 mm)...4458 stitches
7: 1.28x3.09 " (32.4x78.5 mm)...2213 stitches
7b: 0.76x1.85 " (19.4x47.1 mm)...2210 stitches
8: 2.40x3.93 " (61.0x99.7 mm)...5587 stitches
8b: 1.54x2.51 " (39.2x63.8 mm)...3245 stitches

Clipart: cocoastudiodesigns

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Price: $15.00