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Floral Ornaments

Floral Ornaments
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Beautiful Floral Ornaments are perfect for quilt blocks, pillows, linens, tote bags and more.

8 designs

5x7 hoop

Formats included: HUS, JEF, PES


1: 4.96x4.90 " (125.9x124.4 mm)...14570 stitches
2: 4.87x5.62 " (123.6x142.7 mm)...19470 stitches
3: 4.90x5.28 " (124.4x134.2 mm)...21174 stitches
4: 4.51x6.83 " (114.6x173.5 mm)...20752 stitches
5: 4.94x4.99 " (125.4x126.7 mm)...20340 stitches
6: 4.11x5.14 " (104.4x130.6 mm)...16383 stitches
7: 3.52x6.47 " (89.3x164.4 mm)...13116 stitches
8: 3.20x5.15 " (81.2x130.8 mm)...14441 stitches

Clipart: blackleaf studio

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Price: $15.00