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Heirloom Florals 2

Heirloom Florals 2
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These heirloom style designs are suitable for clothing, linens, home decor and more. Included are five printable Master Patterns to help you create beautiful tablerunners, pillowcases or whatever your heart desires and a tutorial on how to use the Master Patterms.

12 designs

5x7 hoop

Formats included: HUS, JEF, PES


1: 7.01x4.44 " (178.0x112.8 mm)...16047 stitches
2: 6.73x3.86 " (170.9x98.1 mm)...10815 stitches
3: 6.77x2.96 " (171.9x75.3 mm)...3862 stitches
4: 2.81x2.28 " (71.4x57.9 mm)...2396 stitches
5: 6.46x3.45 " (164.1x87.7 mm)...8219 stitches
6: 0.77x2.31 " (19.6x58.7 mm)...946 stitches
7: 5.96x5.07 " (151.4x128.7 mm)...5680 stitches
8: 3.64x3.00 " (92.4x76.2 mm)...3641 stitches
9: 6.76x2.98 " (171.8x75.6 mm)...2934 stitches
10: 7.01x4.43 " (178.0x112.4 mm)...14037 stitches
11: 6.73x3.86 " (170.9x98.1 mm)...10758 stitches
12: 6.46x3.45 " (164.0x87.7 mm)...8253 stitches

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Price: $15.00