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Funky Chickens Redwork

Funky Chickens Redwork
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Put some fun in your kitchen or anywhere else with these redwork Funky Chickens. This redwork is digitized to look hand done. Three chickens and 5 coordinating florals in two sizes are included in this set.

8 designs - 5 in two sizes

5x7 hoop

Formats included: HUS, JEF, PES


1: 5.00x6.63 " (127.1x168.5 mm)...5672 stitches
2: 5.01x6.63 " (127.2x168.3 mm)...8195 stitches
3: 5.10x6.81 " (129.6x173.1 mm)...7670 stitches
4: 3.77x1.74 " (95.7x44.1 mm)...1636 stitches
4b: 2.50x1.15 " (63.6x29.3 mm)...1136 stitches
5: 3.51x2.85 " (89.1x72.3 mm)...1643 stitches
5b: 2.50x2.02 " (63.4x51.4 mm)...1237 stitches
6: 1.92x1.65 " (48.8x41.9 mm)...821 stitches
6b: 1.50x1.29 " (38.1x32.8 mm)...666 stitches
7: 6.96x1.30 " (176.8x32.9 mm)...3004 stitches
7b: 5.37x0.99 " (136.5x25.2 mm)...2742 stitches
8: 6.87x2.15 " (174.4x54.7 mm)...5255 stitches
8b: 5.15x1.62 " (130.8x41.2 mm)...5201 stitches

Clipart: diddybag
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Price: $10.00