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Retro Baby 1

Retro Baby 1
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This  set, based on vintage designs, features 6 designs - 3 applique and 3 filled - in two sizes (4x4 and 5x7) for a total of 12 designs. They sew out quickly and are darling for bibs, onesies, burp pads, etc. Detailed color charts as well as instructions for applique are included.

Both sizes are included: 4X4 hoop & 5x7 hoop

Formats included: HUS, JEF, PES


 4x4 Filled - 3.35x3.91 " (85.2x99.3 mm)...9075 stitches
 4x4 Applique - 3.37x3.89 " (85.7x98.9 mm)...9481 stitches
 5x7 Filled - 4.45x5.20 " (113.1x132.1 mm)...12478 stitches
 5x7 Applique - 4.84x5.58 " (122.9x141.7 mm)...13591 stitches

 4x4 Filled - 3.89x3.89 " (98.9x98.7 mm)...6610 stitches
 4x4 Applique - 3.89x3.89 " (98.9x98.7 mm)...5507 stitches
 5x7 Filled - 4.78x4.77 " (121.4x121.2 mm)...9171 stitches
 5x7 Applique - 5.04x5.03 " (128.1x127.7 mm)...8378 stitches

 4x4 Filled - 2.81x3.87 " (71.3x98.3 mm)...5236 stitches
 4x4 Applique - 2.81x3.85 " (71.3x97.9 mm)...6234 stitches
 5x7 Filled - 3.83x5.27 " (97.3x133.9 mm)...10162 stitches
 5x7 Applique - 3.83x5.27 " (97.3x133.9 mm)...10162 stitches

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Price: $15.00