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Plaid Fruit 5x7

Plaid Fruit 5x7
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These retro inspired applique and floral designs stitch out quickly and are suitable for linens, dishtowels, potholders, appliance covers and more. Instructions with color photographs as well as detailed color charts in pdf format are included to ensure that your project turns out beautifully. I have also included Master Patterns and a tutorial on how to use them to make larger items such as the table cloth pictured.

Get Applique Fruit and Plaid Fruit separately or $AVE with the value collection of both sets!
5x7 hoop

Formats included: HUS, JEF, PES


  3 flower: 4.76x4.75 " (120.9x120.6 mm)...6355 stitches
  5 flower: 3.46x6.50 " (88.0x165.2 mm)...8755 stitches
  apple: 4.88x6.00 " (123.9x152.3 mm)...11682 stitches
  apples: 4.91x4.81 " (124.8x122.2 mm)...7687 stitches
  cherries: 4.03x5.66 " (102.3x143.8 mm)...11300 stitches
  grapes: 5.07x4.66 " (128.7x118.4 mm)...14061 stitches
  lemon: 4.94x5.85 " (125.5x148.5 mm)...11107 stitches
  pear: 4.98x4.30 " (126.4x109.2 mm)...11110 stitches
  pears: 4.76x4.88 " (120.8x123.9 mm)...9556 stitches
  plaid banner: 1.61x6.43 " (40.8x163.3 mm)...6007 stitches
  plum: 5.08x5.52 " (129.1x140.2 mm)...11952 stitches
 plum: 5.09x5.52 " (129.4x140.3 mm)...11035 stitches

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Price: $15.00