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GRRRanimals Coco Kitty

GRRRanimals Coco Kitty
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Make a darling quilt and book for the special child in your life! Your child can learn colors, letters, sentences and even memorize the story of Coco Kitty's Busy Day. Basic instructions for making the quilt and book are included in pdf format along with detailed color charts of the designs. There are nine filled designs, nine outline designs and designs to make the book.

5x7 hoop

Formats included: HUS, JEF, PES


1_wake up: 3.85x6.56 " (97.9x166.6 mm)...24794 stitches
2_clean face: 5.12x6.58 " (130.0x167.2 mm)...23877 stitches
3_mr. cricket: 6.31x4.75 " (160.4x120.7 mm)...20132 stitches
4_play catch: 4.69x5.76 " (119.0x146.2 mm)...19797 stitches
5_lunch: 4.52x6.94 " (114.7x176.4 mm)...23143 stitches
6_nap: 6.12x4.45 " (155.4x113.0 mm)...26564 stitches
7_bluebird: 4.37x6.79 " (111.1x172.5 mm)...25103 stitches
8_bathtime: 5.08x6.10 " (129.1x154.9 mm)...19387 stitches
9_goodnight: 5.00x6.77 " (127.0x171.9 mm)...23988 stitches
10_book front: 4.96x6.22 " (125.9x158.0 mm)...10583 stitches
12_book end: 4.96x6.22 " (125.9x158.0 mm)...3971 stitches

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Price: $25.00