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Spring Garden - 6x10

Spring Garden - 6x10
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Welcome Springtime with this cheery garden design. Multiple sizes of leaves and scallops are included to mix
and match. The floral design comes in two colorways; one with fewer color changes.

9 designs

  6x10 hoop - PES format only


  Corner: 2.27x2.17 " (57.7x55.1 mm)...2570 stitches
  Floral2_6x10: 9.92x5.78 " (251.9x146.9 mm)...22092 stitches
  Floral_6x10: 9.93x6.22 " (252.2x158.1 mm)...28080 stitches
  Large corner: 2.95x2.82 " (75.0x71.6 mm)...3489 stitches
  Leaves: 4.51x1.79 " (114.5x45.4 mm)...3762 stitches
  Lg_scallop corner: 3.15x3.20 " (80.1x81.4 mm)...1621 stitches
 Md_scallop: 1.76x6.96 " (44.7x176.7 mm)...2581 stitches
 Scallop corner: 2.74x2.78 " (69.5x70.6 mm)...1420 stitches
 Small scallop: 1.50x5.93 " (38.0x150.6 mm)...2528 stitches

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Price: $12.00