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Necklines - Set C

Necklines - Set C
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Although these designs were made to enhance a square neckline, they are suitable for so much more. Think skirts, jackets, handbags, home decor.

The design shown next to the colored neckline picture is combined to fit the 6x10 hoop. If you have a 5 x 7 hoop, you must combine the designs individually.

5×7 Hoop

Formats included: PES only 


  6x10/N3a: 5.81x9.85 " (147.6x250.2 mm)...21646 stitches
  5x7/N3p1:2.23x7.92 " (56.7x201.1 mm)...10492 stitches
  N3p2: 3.30x9.63 " (83.8x244.5 mm)...19518 stitches
  N3p3: 1.40x6.14 " (35.6x155.9 mm)...4432 stitches
  N3p4: 2.13x2.05 " (54.0x52.1 mm)...3081 stitches
  N3p5: 1.19x1.00 " (30.1x25.3 mm)...1034 stitches

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Price: $10.00