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Welcome to Mimi’s Sewing Studio!

We offer high quality machine embroidery designs and fun projects. Our projects include detailed step by step tutorials as well as printable patterns to ensure your project turns out perfectly.


Mimi’s Sewing Studio is a family owned business and is the result of my passion for embroidery and more than 45 years of sewing everything from specialty items, custom work, craft fairs and anything in between!

A little bit about me, I've been involved in machine embroidery since about 1994 when I bought my first embroidery machine (a Deco 500, with a  4 x 4 hoop and not much else - lol) and a hand-held scanner to digitize designs with! At the time, it was amazing technology, but now in just 19 short years, look how far the machines have advanced; I still marvel at all the things that can be done with these wonderful tools. All my designs are manually digitized and I give detailed instructions for my projects to help my customers create great projects. It's my hope that you'll learn a technique or something about your machine or embroidery that is new to you. I love to sew, so most of my projects include sewing as well as embroidery. Please feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions; I love to hear from you!

I have lots of ideas and inspiration from my extensive collection of vintage and antique needlework books and hope to implement them in the future. I appreciate any comments you have, and welcome your questions or suggestions.

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All artwork used in my designs comes from my collection of vintage and antique publications, which are now in the public domain, as well as clipart purchased from various artists.

All designs, projects and tutorials on this site are copyright Mimi’s Sewing Studio.