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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

  • Design files are non-refundable, non-returnable and cannot be exchanged.
  • Please be aware of the size designs your machine uses. If you order the incorrect size and it doesn’t fit your hoop, you will have to purchase the correct size.
  • Designs lost due to a computer crash, etc., or if a file is corrupt, will be resent after the original purchase is verified. You can expedite this process by sending me your purchase confirmation email.
  • Please check your order  before submitting it.

Mimi’s Sewing Studio Copyright 

My copyright rules apply to both purchased designs and free designs on my website.

  • When you purchase or download from Mimi’s Sewing Studio, you are granted a single-user license of the files to create stitch outs from them.
  • The ownership of the design stitch files and related graphic files are retained by Mimi’s Sewing Studio.
  • These digitized embroidery designs, pdfs, patterns and graphics are protected under USA Federal Copyright Law & International Treaties.
  • The design and graphic files themselves, or any part thereof, cannot be sold, duplicated or shared in any way and are for use by the original purchaser/user only.
  • Transference of these files to any other person or group is strictly prohibited. 

The user license covers the following uses:

  • You may stitch out the designs on finished projects for personal use, gifts or resale (up to 150 per year) by the original purchaser only. If the finished project items or stitch-outs are displayed for sale online, credit to Mimi’s Sewing Studio and a link to www.mimissewingstudio.com is required.
  • For finished items in a physical location (such as in a store), please credit Mimi’s Sewing Studio as the designer and add this link: www.mimissewingstudio.com -  to your tag.
  • This license does not cover mass production without additional permissions. If you wish to mass produce items (more than 150 per year) for sale, please contact me for a special licensing agreement.
  • You may not copy the patterns and sell them.
  • You may not lend, give or sell the files to anyone else ever. You may not change, add to, delete parts of, or alter the files and then call them your own.
  • You may not send files via email or by any other method to another embroiderer to be split or changed in any way.

Thank you for respecting my copyrights and all the work that goes into creating my designs and projects and for taking the time to read this.

              If you have any questions, please email me: susan@mimissewingstudio.com.

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